Sunday, June 29, 2008

Yeah for Craigs List!

I have been looking on for quite awhile for a piano. And we found one!!! A mom in McKinney was trying to sell her's before moving. And she gave us such a great deal! I am so excited to have a piano in our house! I took piano lessons growing up and would love for Gabe and Emma to do the same! My parents were so sweet to drive Jeff and I out there to pick up the piano up. And now we have it setup in the dining room. The kids were so excited!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Doggy Sitting

Our good friends, Chad and Misty, asked if we would dog-sit Blaze for the weekend. The kids were so excited!!! Blaze has been over before and Gabe and Emma love him! The kids are begging for a dog lately, especially Emma. She keeps asking if we can get a chiuawala. That is her pronunciation of chiuawawa :) So, a weekend with Blaze sounded great to them!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

To Grandmother's house we go!

The kids, my mom and I took a trip to see GG recently! We always love visits with our GG! She is so special! I have been so blessed by so many Godly women in my family. And GG is one of them! I always come away from a visit with her completely encouraged. Gabe and Emma loved her special breakfasts, games of Wahoo and lots of hugs and kisses! We love you, GG!!!!
My mom and GG
All of our Oklahoma cousins came over to GG's house! And of course the girls had to play school ;) Here is a picture of Camryn, Ashtyn and Emma.

Busted!!!! But aren't they cute! Jaron and Gabe playing swords ;)

Cousin Lincoln - Such a cutie!!!

GG, Masyn and Lincoln

Ashtyn, Aryn, Jadyn and Emma

She's so cute!

Emma crawled up and was cuddling with Grandma.

GG's beautiful backyard. Gabe was helping her water.

We went to see Jaron's tee ball game. He did so good!

Jaron up to bat!

The kids love playing Wahoo with GG! This was the same board I played on when I was their age!

This music box was one of my favorite things to watch at GG's and now Emma loves it too!

We decided to take a walk down to the pond to feed the fish.

I love this picture!!!

The kids love helping GG with her flowers!

Gabe was helping GG wash her windows ;)

Thank you for a wonderful visit! We love you very much, GG!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

My Mom

I love these pictures of my mom. Such sweet pictures!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Emma is swimming!

Emma is swimming! She has basically taught herself. She would get so nervous when anyone tried to work with her. So, she started doggy paddling right next to the side of the pool. Once she felt comfortable with that, she started swimming underwater while she held on to the side with one hand ;) But she has taken off now and is swimming across the pool! She says she is a little, baby dolphin! Her favorite movie right now is Barbie Island Princess. So, that is probably where the dolphin thing came from :)

Oh My!

My sister sent me this picture awhile back of Emma and Kaitlyn. It is so cute! Look how much they have grown!!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Another OCD Moment!

I know, I know... I am a little obsessive about organzing! I can't help it! So, the next big project I wanted to tackle was my laundry room and pantry. And I am happy to say it is done! I moved all of my kitchen appliances into the pantry and organized the laundry room with the cute, red bins in the picture below. And I think it turned out great! So, now Jeff and I are going to tackle the garage! I will let you know how that goes...

My Dad - The CAPA Graduate

My dad retired a couple of years ago from Alpha Oil Tools, a family business he started along with his dad and brother in 1981. He and my mom have been loving retirement so far! But my dad has been praying about what type of ministry he should serve in. God recently opened the door to a program through the Fort Worth police department called CAPA (Clery And Police Alliance). The FWPD partners with local ministers. These ministers are called to comfort and minister to civilians at crime scenes and within the local jails. They also minister to the 1,400 FW police officers. I was so impressed to hear the FW police chief talk about what an influence this program has made in the community and the police force. My dad just completed a 12 week civilian police department program. We went to see his graduation this morning and I am so excited for my dad! God has gifted him in so many ways. I know God is going to use him in this ministry to reach so many people and show them God's love in situations where they are going to be open to hearing about a Savior who loves them as they are and wants a relationship with them. My dad was so impressed with this program. He said they were not told about any type of restrictions about sharing the gospel with the people they come in contact with. Congratulations, dad! We are excited to see what God has in store for you! You can read my dad's blog about CAPA here...

It was a rainy day as we were heading to Grandad's graduation!

My dad's graduating class. These are all local ministers in Fort Worth

My mom and dad

It was only 10:30 am, so the kids were excited to eat cake after the graduation!

We headed to Uncle Julio's afterwards to celebrate! The kids love watching the tortillas being made!

You will have to read one of the following posts to understand this picture ;)

Love this picture!