Friday, May 30, 2008

Our Little Caterpillar Is Now a Butterfly!

Emma is an official preschool graduate!!! Jeff can't wait to see what I am going to be like when the kids graduate from high school and college! I guess I tend to be pretty sentimental ;) But I am so proud of Emma! She has had such a wonderful year in preschool! She has learned so much and made some really sweet friends. Emma's class was called the Caterpillar class. Her two teachers, Mrs. Diggs and Mrs. Harper, told the kids they would turn into butterflies at the end of the year :) They sent home a book this past week that the children had made. Here is what it said...

The egg is the beginning of a butterfly's life.
The tiny caterpillar hatches and eats leaves.
The caterpillar turns into a chrysalis.
Out of the chrysalis comes a butterfly!

This hung above Emma's locker in her classroom.

The first thing the kids were supposed to do when they came in the classroom was to find the clothespin with their name on it. They clipped it on this cute bucket. I teared up a little when I saw this in her backpack ;)

Emma's diploma!

Our last car ride to preschool :)

We usually waited in this line every morning to drop off Emma. But we walked in together on her last day.

Emma and Gabe in front of her preschool

We always had to stop at the fountain on our way to her classroom.

The kids had a fun water party to celebrate their last day! The parents didn't come to that party or I would have pictures. But it sounds like it was quite a party! Emma said they had lots of water games and sprinklers, bubbles, a jump house and snow cones! But we did come to the classroom party! They had a fun luau party!

Emma's classroom

Aren't the decorations so cute!

Emma and her friend, Cora

Zoey, Cora and Emma

Gabe was excited to pick out a seashell!

Emma's class

Emma and her friend, Mia

She loved the little umbrella!

They made a cute door hanger.

Emma's masterpiece

Emma and Mrs. Harper. Mrs. Harper teared up in this picture. She was such a sweet teacher!

Emma and Mrs. Diggs. Emma had so many cute stories about Mrs. Diggs. They were pretty good buddies!

Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you Emma!!!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

We Love Ms. Becky

Gabe's doctor suggested that we look into speech therapy at his three year appointment. Emma and I understand him perfectly, but I guess it is a little harder for most people. It is funny... Emma has always translated for him. Sometimes Jeff and I can't make out what he is saying. And Emma always jumps in and knows exactly what he is trying to say. It has really amazed us. I was so nervous about speech therapy. When we went for Gabe's evaluation, he refused to do any of the tests and games they had for him. The only way he would do anything was if they gave him a skittle! He was such a stinker! So, I was praying that he would cooperate once he was admitted in speech therapy. It turns out his therapist was the same lady that he refused to cooperate with in his evaluation. She looked a little nervous when she saw us ;) But Gabe has absolutely LOVED his therapist, Ms. Becky! She has made speech so much fun for him! He brags to everyone that he goes to school and that his teacher is so nice... And he has made some good friends with two boys that are in his class. We have had a wonderful experience so far and he is making great progress on some of his letter sounds! Gabe was sad that today was his last day of speech until the fall. We are hoping Ms. Becky will be involved with his therapy in the fall!

It makes me happy

I guess you are wondering why in the world I am posting pictures of our closet???? We recently moved into our house. And to the naked eye, it looks like we are somewhat organized. But I have so many projects to do, I was beginning to get completely overwhelmed. So, I made a list of everything I need to organize. And I am trying to tackle one project a week. One week I might just spend 30 minutes organizing a hall closet. One week, I spent several days organizing my son's room. But the kids rooms are always fun to do ;) This week, I tackled my closet. I got rid of clothes I haven't worn in several years. And I ended up filling 5 bags of clothes and shoes to donate to a local mission. Our closet looks so good!!!! I know I am so weird, but an organized closet makes me pretty happy :)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Zelda the Zebra

This is Emma's last week at preschool! We have had such a wonderful year! Today, the kids had a Zippity Zoo Extravaganza! They had to pick a Frog Street alphabet character to dress up as. All year long, Emma has insisted that she wanted to dress up as Zelda the Zebra. So, we found this cute zebra tutu on Ebay. She was pretty pleased with the costume ;)

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

Several members of my family have served in the armed forces. We are so thankful for their willingness to serve their country. Both of my grandfathers, my father, father-in-law and brother-in-law have all served. I have posted pictures below of a few. I am waiting on a couple more pictures. And I will get them up soon. My Grandfather, JC Smith

My Grandfather, Bill Jorgenson

My Father, Jim Smith

My Brother-In-Law, Kasey Martin

We spent Memorial Day with my family. We had lots of great food and spent most of the day in the pool! We always have a wonderful time at mom and dad's house.

My sister, Jennifer and my mom, Beverly

Gabe and Noah

Emma and Kaitlyn

Gabe reached in and rescued a frog!

My parents and their grandchildren