Friday, October 31, 2008

Fall Festival

My sister invited us to come to their church's fall festival this year. We were excited to spend Halloween with them!Gabe dressed up as a Dallas Cowboy! And this isn't the first time he has had a Dallas Cowboys helmet! When he was a baby, Gabe had to wear a helmet for about three months to correct the shape of his head.

Of course, Gabe fell asleep on the way :)

Emma was a zebra :)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Lake Mineral Wells Camping Trip

Our family recently went camping with some friends to Lake Mineral Wells. It was a great camping trip! Lots of adventures :) A raccoon opened our coolers the first night and ate our hotdogs and chicken! Emma got a stomach bug the second night. We were up about seven times that night. But we did get to see the stars lots! It was really beautiful! But those things are what makes camping trips memorable, right? Hopefully this will become an annual event! Good friends and good times!

All of the kiddos

See our Christmas lights :)

Lauren and Emma

Mr. Brady


My handsome fisherman :)

Emma and Belle playing with worms? :)

Brady and Lonnie both caught a fish :)

Gabe was a little sad he didn't catch one...

But he got over it pretty fast!

Sweet friends

Gabe and Brady

Belle, Molly, Lauren and Emma

The Zumwalts

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Eagle Run

Emma's school has an annual fundraiser called the Eagle Run. The kids ask people to pledge a certain amount per lap. We were told the average for the kids was between 25 -30 laps. So, Jeff and I pledged $1 a lap. Our little eagle really cleaned up with this fundraiser!!!!

The kids ran or walked for a straight hour! That seems like a lot for kindergarteners!

One of Emma's coaches started the run with all of the students behind her. It was so cute :)

The kids all had shirts on with 40 boxes on the back. Every time they completed a lap, an adult marked off one of the boxes.

Our little Emma ran the entire hour!!! I couldn't believe it! The only time she would stop would be to ask a friend what lap she was on. She would stop in front of them and they would tell her what number was marked through! She was determind to get 40 before the race was over!

She wanted me to take a picture when she reached 40! She was so excited! She ended up completing 40 laps by the end of the race!

And here is my son :) He thought the race was too long!