Monday, September 29, 2008

Kaitlyn Turns Six!!!

I can not believe sweet, Kaitlyn is now six years old!!! How is that possible! Kaitlyn and Emma were born six weeks apart. And have been inspeparable since! We were so excited to help her celebrate her special day! Jen planned a fun Little Pet Shop party!

The Birthday Girl!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Daddy & Doughnuts!

Emma's school recently invited all of the daddies to come have doughnuts with their kiddos! Jeff and Emma were so excited to head out the door :)

Our sweet girl!

These two love spending time together! They are so much alike, it is scary! They both love life and feel so passionately about what they are doing! I am excited to see what wonderful plans God has in store for our precious Emma. And her daddy will be there every step of the way :)

So goofy :)

Of course, Gabe didn't want to miss out on doughnuts! One of his all time favorite foods! So mommy and her little man went to get some yummy breakfast!

I had to run into Walgreen's and he found this sucker. Pretty cute, right?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

What do you think?

So, I have been wanting to get my haircut a little different lately. And I am thinking about this style... Tell me what you think? Yes or no...

Friday, September 19, 2008

One more bop for you!

Jeff is so excited to be a Mansfield Tiger again!!! He played football for the Tigers back in the day ;) So, were were excited to go and see a game this season! And to make it even better, they were playing the Burleson Elks. My sister and family live in Burleson. So, there was a little bit of heckling about who was going to win!

Here are the kids growling like Tigers ;)

Here is Emma in her Mansfield shirt and her arch rival cousin, KK, in her Burleson shirt :)

These two were a mess! Too much candy!!! But they loved seeing the football players! Gabe wanted to know why daddy wasn't out there playing :)

My two little Tigers!

Jen, KK, and Noah

Every time Mansfield scored, KK would say, "One more bop for you!!!" She would then bop someone on the head with her foam stick :)

Emma getting bopped :)

The Martin family. Kasey was working at the game.

I don't know what this was. But the kids thought it was their own little jungle gym! It was a fun night! We will definately be going back for another game soon :)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

First Homework Assignment

Emma just finished her first homework assignment of Kindergarten. It was a family project. We had to dress this paper cutout to look like Emma. Emma had to make all of the decisions and I had to be her assistant. So, here is the finished project :) One of Emma's favorite colors is blue, so she picked that for her shirt. She also loves green, so we gave her a green bracelet. Of course she had to have a pony somewhere :) And she loves rainbows, so we gave her a rainbow skirt. Oh yeah, and she wanted to make sure she was wearing flip flops! I have had so many posts of Emma lately. She has been busy. I will try to get some up of Gabe soon :)

Cheer Bucket

I never had heard about a cheer bucket until this past week! Emma is doing Upwards cheerleading this fall. And the girls were supposed to decorate a bucket to put their pom poms and megaphone in. And I guess they can also sit on the bucket when they are not cheering during the games. Well, I am not a crafty person at all! I wish I was! So, I headed over to a couple of crafty ladies to help me :) My grandmother was visiting this past week at my mom's house. So, I headed over there for a nice visit. And we all decorated Emma's bucket :) Their squad is called the stars and it is decorated in her colors. I think it turned out pretty cute. Emma liked it :) Thanks mom and GG :)

Patriot Day

Emma's school had Patriot Day on September 11. Most of the children were not even born when the horrible terrorist attack happened in New York. A teacher told the children what a wonderful country we live in. And how we are so thankful for all of the brave policemen, firemen and military who risk their lives every day for us. They had several policemen, firemen and military show up for the ceremony. The elementary's boy scout troop then raised the flags to half mast and the kids had a couple of patriotic songs they had prepared. It was a wonderful ceremony and a great reminder how we are so blessed to be living in this great nation. God has blessed us so abundantly.