Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Happy Birthday, Aimee!!!

What a fun night! I went with some friends to celebrate Aimee's birthday! We went to a great Mexican restaurant called Gloria's and had such a fun time! Aimee is one of those friends that you always leave with a smile on your face. She has been such a blessing in my life. One of those people you know God has placed in your life. We love her and her family very much! Happy Birthday, girl! PS... I can't believe I didn't get a good shot of just Aimee. So, here is a picture of the two of us from last year I think. I am used to Jeff taking all of the pictures :) So, I need to step up my game a little!

Early Mother's Day Present!

My mom gave Jen and I the best mother's day present! She treated us to a yummy Starbuck's latte and then the three of us went for manicures and pedicures together! And had the best time. The three of us are all pretty busy. So, we really treasure the time spent together to talk and catch up! Jen and I respect our mom so much! She is such a godly mom and wife. It is really special. My mom and dad watch my kids one day a week while I work. And I see my mom doing a lot of the same things with Emma and Gabe that she did with us. She has a huge breakfast for them every time the walk in the door. She has pulled out her Good News Club material and is teaching Bible stories. And they usually always take them somewhere so fun (zoo, jumping house, park and lots more!) My kids love their day with their grandparents so much! And I am so blessed by my mom. Thank you for everything you do for your family! We love you very much!

My mom and I in our comfy pedicure chairs!

Mom and Jen

My lovely pedicure!

Jen's beautiful eyebrows. She opted for this instead of a manicure ;)

The Smith girls!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Our Little Equestrian

One of Emma's favorite things to play and talk about is horses. This past fall and winter, a pair of jeans was lasting about two weeks before getting holes in the knees. She constantly scooted around pretending like she was a pony ;) It would be Emma's dream come true to live in the country with several acres and a herd of white ponies. But, Jeff and I don't think that will happen any time soon. So, when we ran across this toy, we knew we had to get it for her. She has her own horse called Taffy. It hooks up to the tv and she can feed Taffy, groom her and race her. We have to limit this activity because she would ride Taffy all day long if we let her ;) So, if anyone knows of any reasonable horse riding lessons, let us know!

Spring Flowers and Cactus

I recently went to Hobby Lobby and saw a fun, spring activity for the kids. They had a Veggie Tales gardening kit for kids. We picked up snapdragons for Ms. Emma and cactus for Gabe. We noticed this week that both were starting to bloom! The kids were so excited. One of the first things they do when they wake up is check on their plants! So, we will keep you updated on their progress!

Emma's Snapdragons
Gabe's Cactus

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Nana and Nails

After the Cubbies' awards, we headed over to our Nana and Papa's house for a visit! We always have so much fun with them! Nana decided she wanted her toenails painted for a special awards banquet she was attending the next night. Every year, the valedictorians of Mansfield are asked to choose one teacher that has inspired them. A former student of Linda's chose her this year! What an honor! The student has always remembered and appreciated her 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Zumwalt, and wanted to honor her! Nana and Papa went to a banquet with this student and had such a wonderful time! All that said, after Linda had finished painting her toenails, Ms. Emma insisted she wanted toes that matched her Nana's! Pretty cute! Thank you for a wonderful time! You are so special Nana and we love you very much!

Cubbies Awards

This past Sunday Emma received an award for completing her second book in Cubbies! It was a very special night! Grandma, Grandad, Nana and Papa all came to see her receive her award! She memorized and recited 30 verses this past year! Jeff and I are so proud of her. And it was such a blessing to go through Cubbies with her. I was able to be Emma's leader the past two years. My prayer for Emma is that she will love God's Word. And will continue to grow in her knowledge of the Scriptures.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Israel Thoughts - Part 1

My parents recently sent Jeff, myself, Jen and Kasey to Israel. There is so much to share. I don't even know where to begin. But I wanted to jot down some things I have learned since I went... I think the biggest life change that happened from this trip is to realize that Israel really is a special place to God. And the Jews hold a special place in his heart. Of course, you read that in the Bible. But to be there, it really nails that point home. God has had a special plan for his chosen people since he has created this world. Gentiles have been grafted into this plan. And God loves us with an everlasting love. But his original plan started with the Jews and it will end with them. One day they will see who the true Messiah is that they are so earnestly seeking for. I am not Jewish. But I felt like I was going home when we were in Israel. I have never experienced anything like it before. I don't know if it is God's presence in the land? That is just a guess. But, it is an amazing place. And I am forever changed. My parents have given us such a special gift with this trip. And Jeff and I plan to do the same with Emma and Gabe someday. Thanks mom and dad. We love you!

Fluffy Flip Flops!

Today, the kids and I invited our cousins, KK and Noah over to see our new playhouse! It was so cute! As soon as we opened the door, they ran right past me to the back door. They were so excited to play! KK has been asking on almost a daily basis to come over and see it ;) So, we were long over due to have them come play!

I found a really cute idea online to make fluffy flip flops. Emma and I went to Hobby Lobby earlier this week to buy flip flops and material. She picked zebra print! You tie as many strips as will fit on the flips flops and you get the cutest, little shoes you have ever seen! So, after a little play time, the girls started their craft. They did such a great job! Kaitlyn and Emma were so proud of their new, cute shoes! It was such a fun day!