Sunday, November 30, 2008

Zumwalt Christmas Tree 2008

As a kid, Jeff's family always picked out a live Christmas tree every year. My family always had an artificial tree. So, for the first six years of our marriage, we had an artificial tree. I thought a real tree would be way to messy and time consuming. But Jeff was patient with me :) Every year, he asked if we could get a real one. I finally gave in about four years ago. He was so excited :) So, every year now, we go hunt for the perfect Christmas tree. We have found a really fun farm, we go to every year now. Mainstay Farm in Burleson, TX... We make a day of it and the kids just love it! I posted way too many pictures. But I couldn't pick between them... Too many good ones :)

Our fearless leader :)

Jeff and I decided that all kids need to have a good time is an old barn filled with hay! Our kids would have stayed here all day if we let them!

Gabe was putting daddy in jail :)

I thought the kids would be terrified of this maze. But they stayed together and found their way through! They were pretty proud :)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Disney on Ice

My mom and dad treated us to a night out to see Disney on Ice! Everyone was so excited!!! They had us come over to their house first. Every year my mom goes shopping for the kids and gives them some special clothes to wear the month of December. This year she got the most beautiful party dresses you have ever seen for the girls. And the boys got their first suit!!! (Pictures coming soon) I don't know why I don't have pictures of the boys. They were probably off somewhere playing Transformers or super heroes :)

Grandma and Emma, so sweet :)

Grandad and Emma

There are the boys!

It was a wonderful show! Thanks for such a fun night mom and dad!!!