Saturday, February 7, 2009

Was it worth it?!?!?!?

Jeff and I love doing projects around the house. A new flower bed, painting... We always have a good time together and are so pleased to see our finished project. So, I had this bright idea to get a new light for our entry way. Not a big project, or so I thought!!!! I found the perfect light for our house and was so excited to get it up! So, Jeff borrowed an extension ladder from Danny and started. Once the ladder was up, we realized it was going to be more challenging than we thought! Our entry way is taller than 20 feet we found out! And the light was located a long distance from the ladder's reach. But Jeff was determined! He managed to get the old light down. And I begged him to not go on. It was the scariest thing I have ever watched! But, of course he had to finish now! So, he went up the ladder with the light fixture. He had to wire it while I hung out of a cutout holding the light (which was not too light!) After many scary moments, we just about had it done. He was attaching the chain, when all of the sudden my arms starting shaking and I screamed, "Jeff I'm dropping it!" My arms gave out and I dropped the light right as he screwed the last one in! The light went swinging, but it stayed up! He looked at me and I said,"I'm not really sure I like it?" Totally kidding with him! But if looks could kill :) So, needless to stay, this light will never be replaced as long as we are here! But I do love it :)

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Our Joyful Adventure said...

You had me laughing out loud, Tiffany! I love the new light! It's nice you guys enjoy doing those things together (well maybe not this one, so much - ha!) Maybe once our kids are a little older we'll have time for more little projects like that. Did you get the invitation to become a reader of our blog since we went private?! If not I'll send it again. Had fun with you girls the other night!